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My name is Brenda M Wiggins.
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My goal is to help you learn about the Valentus company, the opportunity to make large weekly paychecks and our powerful line of nutritional supplements and functional beverages.

My team has only recently launched in Cumberland and I need help in telling every one in the city about this amazing business! Here is your chance for you and your neighbors to learn about Valentus and get paid!

If you have any questions at all, please contact me and I will be happy to get you all the answers you need.




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Digestive issues? Leaky Gut? Poor Health?
Get onto the Prevail Max and Prevail Breakthrough to help with this situation!

Losing weight will help will most all digestive problems, so the drink the Prevail SlimRoast Coffee, Prevail Trim and even the best Thermogenics in the Prevail Energy, as well.

My favorite is the Italian roast coffee. Unless you are experiencing diarrhea, you are more than welcome to use the Prevail Breakthrough DAILY for many weeks at a time with no problem. You can also use Prevail Breakthrough daily to help put essential Probiotics into the body. And to get those Herbs in to help detox and leanse the colon during the nighttime.

"All disease begins in the gut". Hippocrates is famous for saying this. In fact, if you have any of these issues, then chances are you have leaky gut:

  • Food allergies or food sensitivities
  • Autoimmune disorders, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome or lupus
  • Poor digestion, bloating, gas, constipation, loose stools, heartburn and nutrient malabsorption
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), including, IBS Crohn's or colitis
  • Thyroid issues such as hypothyroidism, Hashimotos thyroiditis or Graves disease
  • Adrenal fatigue, candida and slow metabolism
  • Mood disorders, including anxiety, depression and autism
  • Chronic pain in joints and muscles, including arthritis and headaches
  • Skin problems, including eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne and age spots

Leaky gut affects 80-90% of people. It really is the root cause of many diseases today...
And that's why I implore you order your LUV Pack above today. This brand new approach and the Prevail line of functional bevereages give you the exact plan that you need to heal your "leaky gut".

If you have ANY of the symptoms above, then this approach will be a total game-changer for you.



These Products Work!


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The Valentus Compensation Plan

Want to know how to get to $2,000 Per Week in just a couple of months? Watch this Detailed Training Video:



The Ease of Valentus appeals to Rick Jerrells

Rick Jerrells - Valentus

In 2005, Rick Jerrells was a top earner in another company but he was also building relationships that would shape his future in Valentus.

Rick, Valentus CEO Dave Jordan and Valentus Blue Diamond Korey Johnson were three of the top earners in the previous company. Rick saw the work ethic of both Dave and Korey, so when Dave asked Rick to join Valentus in 2014, Rick immediately jumped on board.

"I knew Dave had a lot of good connections and he was a great marketer so I was excited to work with him," Rick says. But beyond his experience with Dave, Rick's experience in network marketing had laid a foundation for what he knew to look for in a direct sales company.

His No. 1 requirement was simplicity. "The business needs to be simple when you are running a home-based business," Rick says. The sampling program of the drinks showcased the simplicity. Instead of asking someone to spend $500 on a product, people can sample the product and experience the benefits for themselves as well as taste the deliciousness.

"The ease of the business makes it unique and much easier than a pill-or-potion type of company," he says. Rick builds his Valentus business through a daily method of operation. He sets a goal of how many new people to contact in a day or in a week. Then he lets the products speak for themselves. "When people sample the products, they get results," he says. "It's a valid business without spending a ton of money. It's duplicatable."

But it's not only the products that make Valentus powerful. The products paired with the compensation plan make Valentus stand out in the industry. "The compensation is simple to understand and pays out in so many different ways," Rick says. "The ease at which you can see your money and where it's coming from is important."

Building a network comes easier now than it did back when Rick first met Dave in 1999. "There's Facebook; there's LinkedIn - there are so many more ways to expose a business," he says. "The world is smaller because of the internet." The simplicity and ease of the company make it easy for anyone to join. "There are so many people making money in this particular company that never made money in networking before," Rick says. "This truly is a winning opportunity and those don't come along very often."

Valentus Functional Beverages are...

Fast, Easy & Healthy!!!

Just Rip, Pour & Shake

Consuming Prevail Functional Drinks are as easy as 1-2-3! Just:
- Rip open a stick
- Pour into a bottle of water
- and Shake!

Prevail Energy

Prevail Energy from Valentus - healthy, low sugar energy drink that is diabetic friendly!
Introducing the world's first diabetic-friendly and all natural Energy Drink! This is the healthy alternative to the all of the over-the-counter energy drinks that are chock full of chemicals and unhealthy sugar. Whether you're an athlete or you just need a 3 p.m. "pick me up", Prevail Energy gets the job done.
(Safe for kids too!)

Prevail Trim

Prevail Trim from Valentus - high fiber weight loss diet drink - pina colada flavor - curbs appetite, burns fat!
Our premiere Weight Management citrus beverage will curb your appetite, keep you feeling full and help you burn fat 24 hours a day! With less than 2 grams of sugar and 4 grams of dietary fiber per serving, this will be your secret weapon for keeping your figure and shape all year long.

Prevail Immune Boost

The "cure" for the common cold:
Stop the "sniffles" before they start! Prevail Immune Boost supports a healthy body and strengthens your lymphatic system. Mild and safe enough to drink every single day - plus it tastes great!
Prevail Immune Boose from Valentus - The cure for the common cold!
This product is not a cure for any illness or disease. But it is darn close!

Prevail SlimRoast Coffee

The latest in nutritional technology, this coffee literally shreds fat off of your body and from around your organs.
SlimRoast Weight Management Coffee - Lose Weight Fast! This coffee is the best product for appetite suppression, fat burning and increasing your metabolism. Contains Garcinia Cambogia (As seen on Dr. Oz!)
Prevail SlimRoast - Where Starbucks Meet Jenny Craig!
80% of the world consumes coffee. 75% of Americans are classified as overweight. Imagine solving the world's obesity epidemic, effortlessly, by drinking something everyone drinks daily anyway... This Dark Italian Roast Coffee tastes as good as it sounds. And the results can be felt within minutes!



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