John Haremza sticks with network marketing for decades - because it works!

 John Haremza - Valentus


After 28 years working in network marketing, John Haremza has
learned a thing or two. Nearly three decades ago he didn't know quite so much, but he
had the same drive he has today.

John graduated from high school with an education, but the self-proclaimed introvert
had dyslexia and no selfesteem. He became a welder at a potato chip factory after
graduation. Shortly after, he was introduced to network marketing and discovered he
could sell opportunity, not just a product; he was hooked.

If the people selling the product believe in it, the company will thrive, John says.
Or, in his words, "People buy people."

John is true to this philosophy. When he stops believing in a company or its
products, he isn't afraid to go off on a new venture. "When you lose your belief, you're
really sunk," he says. This resulted in John working with four different network
marketing companies and bringing in millions of dollars.

Then he found Valentus, his "new home."

John was confident walking away from his high-paying position because he personally

knew Valentus founder Dave Jordan. At a previous company, John was a master distributor and Dave was one of the top three sellers.

"I knew the owner, knew what was behind the curtain," John says. "I knew him as a person."
Loving the product - his personal favorite is Prevail SlimROAST - certainly helped him jump on board with the
company as well. After all, people sell people and John wouldn't come over if he didn't
believe in the product.

John authored the book "Right or Almost Right" In the book, John discusses how to be successful in network marketing.

He outlines five critical elements for a company's success: company, product, compensation, timing,
and support and training systems.

John says Valentus has all five of these elements, but also has
the elusive sixth - it's unique and special; it has the culture and the people, the energy and
the vibe. And John couldn't be more thrilled about it.

"I have 28 years in the industry and I'm more excited today than I've ever been," John
says. "I believe this will be the biggest thing I've ever done. All of the elements for success are
clearly in place." And if you happen to not find him working? He might just be off catching fish instead of
sales. Whether it's Arctic char in the Northern Territories, salmon in Alaska, deep sea fishing on
the coasts or just an easy cast in his local area, John has seen - and caught - it all.

Valentus is on fire and is breaking records.

The company was started July 14, 2014 and did $300,000 that year.

Sales were $3,000,000 in 2015 and $32,000,000 in 2016.

Based on the first 3 months of this year, it is on track to more than double that number to $60+ Million.

John did mention how excited he is to be working together again with Korey and Renae Johnson.
They entered the industry together 28 years ago. Two young guys John 24 and a welder, Korey 21 and an electrician.

At that time they had no idea what was possible and now Korey and Renae are assured to be Valentus' second million dollar earner.


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